Myrtle Beach Man Accused of Hitting Stepchildren in the Face with a Brick

After being married for just a month, a man is accused of beating the children of his new bride. The accused in John George, a 42-year-old man who shared a home at the 5300 block of Northeast First Avenue with his wife and the two children she had going into the marriage.

On Wednesday, George appeared in court. As a result, he was ordered to stay in jail and the judge offered no bond. The judge also stated that he is not to go near his alleged victims. Whether or not George hired an attorney is not known at this time.

On Sunday morning, George’s wife called him because she wanted to see how her children were doing. According to police, she said that her children were crying as she was talking to George and he stated, “You are going to cry for the rest of your life,” using expletives.

She states that George hung up on her after she asked him if he caused any harm to her children. She states that she immediately called 911 and asked the police to perform a welfare check to see if her kids were okay. She then went to her home. A report made about the incident states that she saw that her children were bleeding around the area of their heads.

One the kids stated that George took a brick and hit them in the face with it before running, according to a report taken about the incident.The police stated that one of the children experienced a fracture in the area on the back of his head. The other child had bleeding on the brain. Both of the children had to be placed in the intensive care unit, according to a statement made in court.

George was not present when police and mom arrived at the house to check on the children. Later, police were able to find George, but he would not give a report as to what happened to the children when they were under his care. He was arrested by police and then charged with aggravated child abuse. He received two counts of this charge.

“Abuse and battery cases are always difficult because there tends to be a lot of trauma involved,” says Joe and Martin, a managing partner and attorney at a top personal injury law firm in Myrtle Beach. “In these cases, it is important that the victims get all of the support and legal direction they require to start healing from such a traumatic event.”

According to police records, this is not George’s first run-in with the law. In fact, he was out on probation when this specific incident occurred. He has a lengthy criminal history and was just let out of prison in January. Before his release, he spent 20 years behind bars for a number of heinous crimes. Some of the crimes include kidnapping and murder. This was enough for him to be sentenced to a prison for many years to come and he can not be able to get a parole. This mean that this man will never see an sun light as a free man again.